Eleanor's building portraits & illustrations make wonderful, personal gifts for many different occasions, whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, wedding gift or another special occasion. They also make fabulous additions to marketing for your business, whether you are a shop, event venue or need a map to guide customers or as part of your advertising - the possibilities & uses are endless.  


Completed in ink & watercolour on premium 350gsm or 450gsm ivory card (depending on size) manufactured locally, Eleanor's traditional yet contemporary building illustrations take between a week & a month to complete varying on size & complexity. All Eleanor requires is a single, good quality photo of the location or building to work from.

If you would like a special place to be immortalised in one of Eleanor's ink & watercolours, either for yourself, another or for a commercial venture, don't hesitate to get in touch for more information...

Starting from £50.

Grassington Square, Ink & Watercolour Painting Drawing, Eleanor Tomlinson
House Portrait, Ink & Watercolour Painting Drawing, Eleanor Tomlinson
Bear Cottage Interiors, Hawes, Ink & Watercolour Painting Drawing, Eleanor Tomlinson