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All of Eleanor’s art prints below are one of a limited edition print run.

Printed professionally in East Yorkshire on high quality 200 gsm silk finish paper. Each print comes individually hand signed and numbered by Eleanor along with a signed certificate of authenticity. Each print comes individually hard backed and sealed in a biodegradable display wrapper as standard and there are framing options for all A5, A4, A3 and square sized prints.


*Other sizes available to order!*

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is a print you LOVE but you'd like this in a different size.

We work closely with our local printers and can easily order a special request sized print from them and at no additional cost. Prints are typically made available and listed at the size the original was created to. Due to limited space and storage we can't sadly have every print in every size option available ready to go (we'd need a warehouse!). But each artwork is scanned in to the highest quality by Eleanor and means it's usually no problem to print to double the size of the original artwork if desired. So if you've seen something from the collection you'd like in another or specific size, whether smaller, larger or a different format (i.e. 5x5") just send us a message via the website contact form.

Great News!  UK signed and tracked delivery for all unframed prints £7. 50.

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