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"Just wanted to let you know my Mum adored her portrait of Vespa…

“I am absolutely thrilled and delighted with the picture of my little treasure. She has been caught perfectly. I’m so lucky and over the moon. Thank you so very much” Thank you again, Ziggy x"

-Elizabeth, N Yorks -

Jan 2022

“Pride of place she loved it, not a dry eye in the house! Thankyou so much again. All the best for 2022.”

- Shaun, Hull -

Jan 2022

“Hello Eleanor, hope you had a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year to you!

We finally got to celebrate Charlie's 21st when he came home for Christmas. Opening his portrait of Fern infront of our family there was a chorus of 'thats beautiful' as everyone agreed how well you captured her character! Thank you again for such a wonderful

painting which will be enjoyed for many years to come x Claire”

- Claire, Malton -

Jan 2022

“We are so grateful to have met you at that Spring Fair. You have been so supportive with Covid causing date changes and then a wedding, a blessing and the arrival of Benjamin-you are a truly wonderful artist and we have loved working with you! Can’t wait to discuss our christening commission with you!”

-Michelle, Olney -

Dec 2021

“Hi Eleanor! I hope you are well and had a lovely Christmas I am completely in love with the commission you did of Bluebell and Buttercup. It is beautiful, you are so talented! It was such a surprise I cried. I just wanted to say a huge thank you from both myself and Will - he was so complimentary about the whole process and praised how easy you made it all. I can’t wait to see what you do next! Xx”

- Charlotte, Warwick -

Dec 2021

“I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

I just wanted to thank you again for Lauren’s Christmas present, this was her response on Christmas Day -

“I can’t look at it without crying!!! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much it’s so kind and thoughtful.”

“It’s followed me round all day, I keep moving it to where I am! ”

Also, thank you for all your work last year! I can’t wait to think of another one xx”

- Laura, East Yorkshire -

Dec 2021

“Merry Christmas, we hope you had a lovely day! Twiggy was finally opened late yesterday afternoon, I got a message that simply said "I LOVE IT" they couldn't believe how you had managed to capture Twiggy in a painting. I replied it is because you are super talented! Victoria is going to send me a photo of the painting when she gets home, for some daft reason I didn't take any before wrapping it up. However, please feel free to post on IG in the meantime. Thank you again, they are both really thrilled with it. Alison & Peter xx”

-Alison & Peter, Leeds -

Dec 2021

“Having looked at the painting and having my friends have a look too, we all agree that that is bloody amazing!!

… Just picked ‘Rita’ up from Julia’s house and taken her to be framed.

Absolutely amazing picture of her. I thought you must be crazy wanting to draw her with all her unusual markings but Julia said you loved it ! Don’t get her back till the end of January but it will give me something to look forward to!


Helen came round today to collect her Rita picture. It is absolutely stunning and she is thrilled with it. I have a very happy sister! Many thanks for all your hard work.”

- Helen & Julia, East Yorkshire -

Dec 2021

"A special thank you to my amazing work mate Rachel for getting my favourite artist to commission ‘My Girl’ My favourite photo of a very special day with Mummy’s Girl I’m still speechless to be honest! Eleanor Tomlinson Art you are so super talented and this piece will be treasured forever. My girl recreated in the most perfect way.”

- Laura, East Yorkshire -

Dec 2021


“Oh it’s absolutely beautiful I love it!! there are no words to describe how happy I am with it! You’ve captured his colour perfectly!

Hi Eleanor, Dave absolutely loved Finn! We’re getting a house in January so Finn will take pride of place in our front room. Again thank you so much! xxx”

- Eleanor & Dave, Devon -

Dec 2021

“No amendments! It's truly amazing what such resemblance you have created. I've looked several times this evening at the drawing and the more I come back to it, the more I see Pluto's resemblance!

…I hope Henry will look at it and be reminded of the good times he spent walking the mountain/days out shooting with 'Toot' (Pluto)…I am speechless, your work is wonderful! beyond belief, the colour you have added has made Henry and Pluto much lifelike, instantly recognisable! May I thank you so much for this.

…I can only echo my pervious e-mail to you - you have been quite simply brilliant from start to finish, nothing was too much trouble...

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for everything, from your wonderful and brilliant art skills, your eye for detail and most importantly your trust in me to deliver on this project to the end. I am sure it is frustration starting a project only for the customers to change his/hers mind and forget the whole thing. I can only imagine this! thank you also for the very kind card you enclosed in the parcel.”

- Dyfan, North Wales -

Oct 2021

“ Hi Eleanor! Happy new year even though it's a bit of a rubbish start, we've got to stay positive! Just wanted to drop you a message to say we sent our invites out at the weekend and I've had SO many messages saying how much people love them! I can't thank you enough for your amazing skills! Looking forward to being in touch soon to design some menus and table plans!! Xx “

- Katie, Leeds -

January 2021

“Hi Eleanor, I hope this message finds you safe and well. I'm just getting in touch, very belatedly, to say again a massive THANK YOU from both me and my fiancée (Corrine) for creating this wonderful piece for us.

Corrine absolutely adores the gift (her exact words: "it's my favourite thing ever!") and, like me, is full of praise for how artfully, delicately, and accurately you captured the scene (and the remarkable likeness of the two of us, down to the details of the clothes we were wearing).

We are both really grateful for all the care and thought you put into this. It's really special, and will take pride of place in our flat!

Wishing you a very merry and restful Christmas!

Huw & Corrine”

- Huw, Sheffield -

December 2020

“Thank you so much again. My husband loved the picture of Poppy and it brought tears to his eyes!!! Thank YOU”

- Rebecca, Hong Kong -

December 2020

"Received an absolutely amazing painting of our black cocker Jack. We were so overwhelmed by our gift, its simply stunning... It brought tears to my eyes how beautiful it is. Thank you again, you are so talented . Happy New Year to you and I'm sure you will have a super busy 2021"

- Sharon, Hull -

December 2020

“ Hi Eleanor hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas! Just thought you’d like to see Martha meeting “Martha”. Had to wait till today to take a picture as she found her first Christmas far too exciting yesterday!

Again, a huge thank you, my sister is absolutely in love with it and will be treasured forever! “

- Hannah, North Yorkshire -

December 2020

“Caley (and her owners) love this! She said she was so emotional when she opened it! Thank you so much!”

- Eilidh,Glenfarg -

December 2020

“The gift was very well received by the family my mum had to go and have a little cry after she opened it Hope you had a lovely Christmas too! ”

- David, Devon -

December 2020

“Good Evening Eleanor

My name is Helen and yesterday I received the best gift I have ever received a amazing picture of "My Bella" my goddness it made me cry you have captured her perfectly!!

Thank you !

You are a true talent .

Kind Regards

Helen x “

- Helen, East Yorks -

December 2020

“Merry Christmas Eleanor! Hope your having a great one and managing to take some time off for yourself many thanks once again for the picture of the three dogs!! My mum absolutely loved it ... Genuinely thank you so much and merry Christmas!!”

- Bryn, North Yorks -

December 2020

“Rich got his present today, he absolutely loved it and couldn’t believe how much it looked like Scruffy. Thank you so much! I can’t wait for Christmas to give the rest xx”

- Laura, East Yorks -

December 2020

“Hello Eleanor. I’m not long home from visiting family and have been welcomed by your wonderful artwork of my feathered friends! it was delivered this afternoon. Thank you so very much for all of your time time, creativity, attention to detail and allowing my inputs along the way and above all your talent, I will treasure it for years to come...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! xxx”

- Jill, N Ireland -

November 2020

“Oh Eleanor, I love it! It is stunning, way beyond what I had imagined. It actually brought a tear to my eye, you are such a talented artist. So pleased I follow you on IG and saw the post of another logo which led me to contact you... Thank you again, and really must stress that we do love it!!”

- Alison, York -

June 2020

“My niece was absolutely delighted with the bespoke name print to celebrate the arrival of her new baby boy. 

She says it will look terrific in his nursery and I think you have found a new follower. I would also like to add my thanks for the speed of delivery and attention to detail.  It was really lovely of you to add a hand written card to the present.  It made it all very special.” 

-Kathy, Harrogate -

June 2020

“My friend Caroline commissioned you to do a painting of my beloved cocker spaniel Sam who died last month. Caroline gave me the painting yesterday for my birthday and I cannot tell you how thrilled I was. You have captured him perfectly. Sam was a very happy, sweet-natured boy, full of fun and his character just comes across in the picture. Thank you so much. I absolutely love it. Your work is really exceptional and I will cherish it forever. Best wishes Sue”​ 

- Sue, Ellesmere -

June 2020

"Just found your thank you card, thank you so much. I had to open the tissue paper to look at him, couldn't give it without seeing it for for real. It's perfect! Don't think I'm going to put it in the frame I've bought, it's looks so lovely packed as it is. I've got my sister on the task of deciding which picture she's like of our dog and hope to be in touch soon!"

- Abbie, East Yorkshire -

June 2020

"It was Happy Monday for me, as my Order arrived in perfect condition! Gently peeling two stickers on each Framed Print, I slid them down to take a peek - they are absolutely beautiful, so thrilled with them. Back they went into their tissue and bubble wrap for safe keeping until the better times return. The Alphabet cards are great, they are earmarked for next year! Also, thank you for the Rainbow cards. I will send one each to my sister's two grandsons, aged 8 and 5, who also live a long way from me in Surrey. Thank you, again, for your lovely work, together with excellent service.

Kind regards, Frances"

- Frances, Spalding -

June 2020

"Dear Eleanor, I wanted to take the time to reach out to you personally to sincerely thank you after recently receiving my carefully-wrapped commission piece in the post. Not only am I utterly thrilled with your work and excited to have it framed and on the wall, but I'm so appreciative of the time, care and attention you offered throughout the process. You took the time to understand my vision and kept me up-to-date throughout the process; from photographs of the initial sketches to the hyperlapse videos that allowed me to see the piece coming to life. I'm so incredibly pleased with the finished piece and it has surpassed my already-high expectations by a country mile. Thank you again for capturing a location and a memory that is so very dear to me, in your own unique and beautiful style, and I hope that we have the chance to work together again in the future. Best regards,"

- Matt, York -

April 2020

"I do love him. And I have been so absorbed comparing him to his picture that I have let the fire go out...oops! He is just great... Just to say that Andy loves his picture of Captain. It's a huge success... thank you so much."

- Sarah, North Yorkshire -

February 2020

"Hello Eleanor,

Just to let you know my sister in law absolutely loved the painting of her house, she loved the personal touches with her cats etc. and it’s now hanging on her wall where she can look at it every day! Thank you once again for such a quick and professional service!"

- Vanessa, North Lincolnshire -

January 2020

"Looks amazing already! ... honestly perfect... you've captured them perfectly!"

- Hayley, Oxfordshire -

January 2020

"Omg it's beautiful... thank you... I had an open house yesterday and everyone was saying how amazing it is!"

- Sally, Bedfordshire -

January 2020

"Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I just wanted to let you know that Claire was absolutely delighted with her painting! It left her speechless so I couldnt be happier. Once again thank you so much for producing this special gift which is already hung in pride of place in the lounge. Have a wonderful 2020 and we wish you lots of love, luck and laughter for the year ahead."

- Jeanette, Newcastle -

 December 2019

"We got Ralph’s picture on Thursday and couldn’t be happier. So pleased I asked you to draw him and I know Kate’s going to love it. Thank you again Eleanor you have a fab talent, hope you have a happy Christmas time - will let you know Kate’s reaction when Santa delivers her presents! Love Jo xx"

- Joanne, Northumberland -

 December 2019

"Thank you again - I adore them! X"

- Anna, East Yorkshire -

November 2019

"Eleanor, they are so perfect, you have given me my boys forever. You have captured their characters perfectly, Angus the naughty one who looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, and Ferg who always looks just a bit regal. But I am amazed at how you have captured the life in their eyes and the beautiful fluffy curls...straight out of the poodle parlour! You have a truly amazing talent. I have already recommended you! With love from Fiona, Angus and Ferg ( both gently snoring on the sofa!)"


- Fiona, York -

March 2019


"FINALLY got round to giving my dad his birthday present! He absolutely loved it and recognised it as Duke straight away! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication in bringing our gorgeous boy to life. My old man was really blown away. Your talent is 10/10 and your service was outstanding. Thank you so much X"

- Em, York -

March 2019

"OMG Eleanor these are absolutely brilliant - love them! They are fantastic and caught the two of them perfectly.  Really can't wait to get the pictures now!  It is so exciting!  Thank you so much... wonderful and you have captured Pixie and Boo.. Love these Eleanor and can't wait to see them!"

- Jean, Bradford -

February 2019

"Thank you Eleanor, you have done a fantastic job and I'm really pleased with how you have captured Lola's personality.  I am sure Adam and Sarah are going to be amazed !!" 

- Rebecca, North Lincolnshire -

February 2019

"Love it... you have got his character so well.... Oh thank you so so much - wonderful!"

- Paula, North Lincolnshire -

January 2019

"Oh wow! That is stunning! We're so pleased with it - it's Molly to a T... beautiful wrapped! I just wanted to let you know my brother loved your drawing of Molly - I think he was taken aback as it was totally unexpected! He's really chuffed with it so thank you once again."

- Josie, North Yorkshire -

December 2018

"I love ir, made me have the leaky eyes again though, only because it's so good! Thank you Eleanor for all your hardworking... it's such a lovely way to remember them together... just to let you know that your painting has gone down a storm!! Everyone loves it because you have captured Meg & Daisy so perfectly!"

- Carolyn, Beverley -

December 2018

"He is simply perfect. You have captured him brilliantly!!! I truly love it... Thanks so much for eeverything. You have been amazing with keeping me updated & sending pics too. You have made it all so very easy. I have already recommended you today, & will continue to do so. Your work is beautiful & I'm sure you will have a most successful career ahead of you!!... Charlie's portrait has gone down a storm! My husband loves i!!! As do other family members the are with us this morning. Thank you so much Eleanor. Can't tell you how much it means to us...

Thank you millions x"

- Gina, East Yorkshire -

December 2018

"Polo just arrived! She looks fabulous!"

- Jasper, Surrey -

December 2018

"That's amazing Ellie! I love it thank you so much!"

- Olivia, Notttingham -

December 2018

"It looks absolutely incredible! You couldn't have captured her better, thank you so much. Mum will be absolutely love it."

- Sophia, North Yorkshire -

December 2018

"Wow Eleanor it's Alfie!! Eleanor he is gorgeous & I wouldn't change a thing you have done!! My parents will really love this picture - very special. Thank you."

- Rachel, North Yorkshire -

December 2018

"Mum handed over Arth to her friend for her daughter's Christmas present & she said it was amazing & 'a true likeness of Arth' & thank you... you are a talent!"

- Judith, London -

December 2018

"Honestly, the picture is amazing, you've really captured her brilliantly."

-Anna, North Yorkshire -

December 2018

"That is absolutely amazing... dad's birthday today & he said thanks for the picture he absolutely loves it."

- Jack, Hull -

December 2018

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my beautiful drawing of Monty, you've captured him so well! I love it!"

- Yasmin, North Lincolnshire -

December 2018

"Incredible!! You are so talented Eleanor!!!"

- Mark, York -

December 2018

"Martha arrived in the post this morning & she is wonderful - what a talent. Thank you."

- Rachel, North Yorkshire -

November 2018

"I do love it!! I couldn't be more pleased & there is nothing I think that needs adding... if I can get a good picture of the three dogs together I must send it to you & have another painting!"

- Sally, Germany -

November 2018

"Just to let you know the portraits arrived safely today. They are absolutely brilliant - we are so pleased with them.

They are such a good likeness."

- Janet, West Yorkshire for Australia -

November 2018

"It's fantastic... sooooo Hugo! Just t let you know we decided to give my mum the painting of Hugo for her birthday today. She loves it!! ... you have an absolutely amazing talent & you have captured the personality of our Hugo perfectly, thank you xx"

- Phil & Eve, East Yorkshire -

November 2018

"I received the invites in the post yesterday & I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them thank you so much you are so talented & I am so delighted we chose you to draw them - honestly. Thank you so much! You are the best! ...We have had so many compliments on the invites - I can't thank you enough. They are so unique... Wishing you all the success! You deserve it & are super talented xxx."

-Jennifer, County of Perth -

November 2018

"Brilliant!! You've captured him so well!!"

- Lucy, East Yorkshire -

October 2018

"Oh my gosh he looks amazing we love him already!"

-Yasmin, North Lincolnshire -

August 2018

"Wow that's fab they have started to come to life already... I have no doubt she will be delighted x"

- Caroline, East Yorkshire -

 August 2018 

"Thank you for everything you've done... it's incredible, it's made me tear up seeing her come to life again. Thank you so much! I really can't wait to share this with Cairns."

- Victoria, Suffolk -

May 2018

"Fantastic! Thanks so much - we love it & they will be thrilled with it! ...You are a very talented girl! It has been a pleasure dealing with you - & as you say, lovely to have some of your artwork going to Canada! Many thanks again."

-Hilary, Wales for Canada -

May 2018

"They properly welled up when they opened it, honestly. It's got pride of place in the house & their hearts."

-Claire, Beverley -

March 2018

"...he was & is so so happy with it & thinks you've done such an amazing job capturing both of the acts! It's already up pride of place above TV so we can see it always... Thanks again for creating the piece for us, it really is outstanding you have such a talent I can only imagine how your future career is going to progress! Am sure we will be in touch for more..."

-Marie & Simon, Scarborough -

March 2018

"We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful painting of Tess & Cassie which was a lovely surprise for our wedding anniversary. You have managed to capture the character or both dogs perfectly!"


- Trevor & Michelle, Lancashire -

March 2018


"Wow these are great, they are exactly what I wanted... we are very happy with our paintings you are so talented."

-Sharron, East Yorkshire -

February 2018

"Just received a beautiful commissioned piece of art & couldn't be happier. Eleanor kept me up to date throughout the whole process & added in every detail I asked for. Better than I could of imagined & will definitely be getting more pieces in the future."

- Amelia, York -

December 2017

"Wow, Eleanor, it bought me to tears. You've managed to capture his spirit, & you've done it beautifully. Pete is going to cherish this, for many reasons. I think it's perfect! You are a truly talented, lovely, & empathetic artist ... it looks so beautiful... breathtaking... I love it."

- Jodi, New York -

December 2017

"Fabulous... Wow! You've really captured him. Thank you so much."

- Hayley, Hull -

December 2017

"Thanks again for such a wonderful painting... he is a gorgeous cat & you've really captured that..."

- Chloe, East Yorkshire -

December 2017

"It's gorgeous & I've given it to my friend today & she LOVES it! Thank you so much, we will be in touch regarding other orders."

- Benna, Hull -

December 2017

"That looks amazing... you've really managed to capture their characters... perfect! We all love it..."

- Tom, York -

November 2017 

"That's really wonderful! Captures his pesky spirit perfectly. I think my mother will adore it!"

- Jasper, Surrey -

November 2017

"Love it!! That's absolutely perfect, thank you! So excited... I really appreciate how quick you've done it for me!"

- Lydia, Lincoln -

November 2017

"Wish you could have seen her reaction when she opened the card, special moment! Thanks again."

- Caroline, East Yorkshire -

November 2017

"Thank you so much for my wonderful drawing of Oscar, it's absolutely beautiful!"

- Chloe, East Yorkshire -

November 2017

"Eleanor's work is professional in quality but not stiff, she applies her own touch & beautiful whimsy to each piece & really listens to what you want. She kept me informed through each step of the process & created something beyond what I could have imagined! We are so pleased with the portraits & the service!"

-Charlie, Hull for Switzerland -

November 2017

"I feel a little emotional... I absolutely love the picture, thank you again, it's already at the shop for framing."


- Mary, Hull - 

May 2017

"It's perfect - you have captured him beautifully... She absolutely adores it, I honestly can't thank you enough. We have temporarily framed it & she has immediately put it on her wall - she said it is so perfect, & we all agree. Thank you so so much."


- Laura, Beverley -

April 2017 

"They're fabulous!! Thank you very very much. Perfect! ...Thanks again - a beautiful pair for my collection!!"

- Anna, Richmond -

April 2017

"We both think it's brilliant. And really looks like George, thank you so much."

- Georgia, East Yorkshire -

March 2017

"They are incredible!! Absolutely perfect! You're a star!"

- Catherine, East Yorkshire -

January 2017

"Morning Eleanor, I hope you get this! I sent you an email as soon as the pictures arrived. They are quite fantastic. Now with man being framed. He was most impressed with them, said what a talent you had... they are brill... pride of place in the kitchen."

- Jane, North Yorkshire -

December 2016

"Just to say a huge thank you for my wonderful picture of our horses Bentley & Fifi, I absolutely loved it & it will always be treasured."

- Caroline, East Yorkshire -

December 2016

"He is just perfect, thank you!"

- Annette, East Yorkshire -

November 2016

"We absolutely love the painting; you've captured Socksie's gentle expression & kind eyes perfectly. It really is an extraordinary likeness & so much more animated that the photos... thank you so much for doing this for us. Honestly, I welled up when the image opened up as it was like having him back in the room with us!"

- Claire, Beverley -

August 2016

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