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Commissions are accepted by Eleanor on an individual basis and welcomed from all corners of the globe. 

In order to deliver a perfect piece of work, Eleanor will take time to fully understand her client's individual brief. Eleanor is always happy to consider any type of commission, however she will only be able to accept requests where the client's wishes can be comprehensively met.  This ensures that each commission will be completed knowing the client will receive a unique finished piece that they will be

proud and delighted to own.  Throughout the journey, clients will be kept updated of progress, as Eleanor is very conscious that the emotional aspect of the piece has to satisfy the original criteria.

Eleanor offers a traditional medium of ink and watercolour for a more illustrative and contemporary style.


Commissions start from £200 inc VAT for Eleanor's starting A5 size, which includes full consultation.

  1.  Please complete the contact form, stating the date by which you wish to receive the commissiontogether with brief details of the subject content.

  2. You will receive a response by email requesting a reply back with photos of the subject, which can be taken from a mobile.  One good quality photograph can be more helpful than several poorer ones.

  3. Eleanor will then make direct contact with you to confirm the next step.

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