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Safi Coffee is a very special and unique project founded and led by Tranby School in Anlaby, East Yorkshire. Safi imports the best Ugandan coffee from Gorilla Summit to sell across the UK. Every penny of profit from Safi Coffee sales supports the education of Ugandan children by paying for them to attend school.

Safi Coffee, Eleanor Tomlinson Art

In 2015 Eleanor was very fortunate to be one of 20 pupils from Tranby to travel to Uganda, as part of Team Uganda 2015, to volunteer in the Southwestern area of the country. Some of the schools the team volunteered at included Great Lakes High School and Kirima Parents Primary School. The children the team met whilst visiting and working at the schools inspired them to make a difference to continue the work and fund-raising Team Uganda 2015 had started.

The perfect opportunity to achieve just this arose when the team had the chance to visit a nearby coffee plantation at Gorilla Summit. Gorilla Summit Coffee supply top-quality organic coffee from Uganda's independent farmers, allowing small scale coffee farmers in Uganda to access global coffee markets, top-grade coffee plants and modern coffee farming practices. Following the opportunity to taste their Arabica coffee the team knew that this great tasting coffee needed to be introduced back home and that this could be the key to helping the children in the area. Safi Coffee was born.

After returning to the UK the team set to work creating Safi Coffee, a sustainable project to support their friends back in Uganda. Each member took on a different task to make Safi Coffee a reality, from organising coffee transportation to marketing and selling. Eleanor's art and design background led her to assist with the design and branding aspects, including creating the logo and supporting the packaging design of the product.

Safi Coffee, Eleanor Tomlinson Art
Safi Coffee, Eleanor Tomlinson Art

The task isn't an easy one for Eleanor, the team felt the logo for Safi had to include: the Ugandan colours (red, black and yellow), a gorilla representing Gorilla Summit Coffee, their tag line 'Sips of the Soul' as well as the name, date established and coffee itself. However, Eleanor loved every moment of the creative process, and the logo has proved a success for the product, brand and project.

Despite having now left Tranby, Eleanor continues to support Safi coffee whenever possible and still assists with any design tasks. Safi is now growing from strength to strength and is being sold in an increasing number of retailers as people continue to discover its exceptional taste. Eleanor feels incredibly privileged to be a part of such an incredible and ever-growing story and hopes you too will join Safi on its journey.

'Safi' in the Ugandan language of Swahili means 'pure' and 'fresh'. At Safi Coffee we like to think this not only reflects our coffee but our project too; a pure and fresh way of supporting others through the global love of coffee where every penny of profit goes straight back to Uganda to fund children's futures.

It costs just £180 to fund a child to attend school for a whole year in Uganda. To learn more about Safi Coffee or to experience its amazing taste whilst helping to support a child's education follow the link and head over to

Listen & watch Eleanor discussing creating the Safi Coffee logo on Vimeo by clicking the link below...

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